The Purpose Leadership Award

The Purpose Leadership Award is presented to the organization who truly champions what it looks like to lead with Purpose, by prioritizing and investing in the growth of their people, to help them become who they were created to be, both personally and professionally.

The Purpose Leadership Award is presented to three organizations each year; a publicly traded organization, a private organization, and a nonprofit organization, during the opening night of The Purpose Summit. Four finalists from each category are selected and recognized from stage in a nominee video, and each winner for each category receives 15 minutes to present, share their story from stage, and recognize their team.

Nominations Now Open Until 12/31!


Application & Selection Process

  • Any organization can be nominated by anyone, including themselves. The applicant must select the type of organization, public, private, or non-profit, and clearly state why they feel this organization exemplifies what it means to lead with purpose.

  • Applications will close January 31 and the top 50 nominees for each category will be selected and notified publicly on February 15, 2024.

  • The Recipient of The Purpose Award for each category will be selected and notified by March 29, 2024, and will be notified privately, in order to allow time for them to prepare their presentation for The Purpose Summit in May.

Selection Process:

Nominations will be accepted from any individual, organization, or institution, including self-nominations. Carefully evaluated nominations will be presented to the leaders of PurposePoint, a panel of past Purpose Leadership Award winners, the Purpose Summit team, and other leaders from leadership consultancies, technology, and business, which recommends an award recipient.

The nomination of the proposed winner is brought before the Board of Trustees of The Purpose Summit for final approval.

Past Winners



The Purpose Summit will celebrate its 5th anniversary as it makes its first appearance in Charlotte, North Carolina, with inspiring keynotes at The Revelry located in Camp North End, and insightful breakout sessions and team-building experiences at the NASCAR Hall of Fame.

Each year, The Purpose Summit brings hundreds of For-profit leaders, Non-profit leaders, and Faith-driven leaders from around the globe together for three powerful days to build better relationships, better leaders, and better organizations, to create a better world.


Charlotte, NC
NASCAR Hall of Fame
Camp North End


April 29-May 1

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Join Hundreds of Purpose-Driven Leaders From Around the Globe


Join Hundreds of Purpose-Driven Leaders From Around the Globe

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