MAY 13-15, 2025
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The Purpose Summit is one of the top transformative leadership experiences to attend for leaders who are dedicated to creating people-focused and purpose-driven organizations, and championing business as a force for good in the world.

For the past five years, The Purpose Summit has brought hundreds of leaders from around the globe from the For-profit, Non-profit, and Faith-driven sectors for three powerful days to build better relationships, better leaders, and better organizations, and better cultures, to ultimately to create a better world together.


Charlotte, NC


May 13-15, 2025

Who Attends The Purpose Summit?

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500+ Attendees on average each year.
2024 brought attendees from 35 states and 7 different countries.
More than 50% of attendees were senior level leaders.
More than 25% of attendees were C-suite Leaders.
About 25% were emerging leaders or individual contributors.

Previous Speakers

Jon Gordon
15x Best-Selling Author of over 28 Books
Amber Selking, PhD
Bestselling Author, Founder of Selking Performance Group
Davin Salvagno
Bestselling Author, Founder of PurposePoint & The Purpose Summit
Kurt A. David
Award-winning Author, CoFounder PurposePoint & The Purpose Summit
Nick Craig
Author, Leading From Purpose,
Founder, Core Leadership Institute
Mark Whitacre
Vice President Culture & Care Coca-Cola Consolidated, Executive Director of T-Factor
Chris Lambert
Author, CEO and Founder of Life Remodeled
Carolyn Sakstrup
EVP, Chief Growth & Generosity Officer at Thrivent
Mboone Umbima
EVP, Brand Strategy
David Rio Chai & Tea
Garry Ridge
Chairman Emeritus,
WD40 Company
Ron Carucci
Founder of Navalent, Bestselling Author, HBR Contributor
Sam Thevanayagam
President and CEO at Parts Life, Inc., DeVal Lifecycle Support, and LC Engineers, Inc.
Robin Shear
Bestselling Author of Messy Joy
Dwight Eberts
Founder, Coaching 122
Johan Koornhof
Founder, Be Real Company
Kent Chevalier
NFL Chaplain, Pittsburgh Steelers
Rebecca Homkes
Author, Lecturer & Faculty
London Business School & Duke Corporate Education
Adam Ritchie
Group Vice President The Brooks Group
Joe Colavito
Author and Co-Founder of The Life Purpose Scan
Michelle Fritsch
Co-Founder of Propel & The Life Purpose Scan
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Key Topics Will Include…

(And many more...)
Transforming Workplace Cultures for Good, for God, and for Growth.
Empowering Both Employees and Customers to Live Out Their Purpose.
Providing Work that is Meaningful and Fulfilling to Improve Well-being and Increase Well-doing.
Building Lasting Teams and Creating Lasting Impact.
Building Trust, Providing Encouragement and Developing Growth in the People You Lead.
Building a Steadfast Mindset in an Increasingly Challenging and Changing World.

Leaders On a Mission, Together

Since its inception in 2019, The Purpose Summit has gathered thousands of business leaders, community leaders, and thought leaders, who share a common commitment to positively impacting lives, transforming organizational cultures, developing future leaders, and advocating for a better world together.


Why Attend the Purpose Summit?

Refocus and Reignite Your Purpose

We can quickly lose sight of our purpose as leaders, our vision can become foggy, and our tanks become empty. The Purpose Summit provides three days of insight and inspiration to refocus, refuel, and reignite your purpose, individually and organizationally.

Create High Performing Purpose-Driven Teams

Tap into tools and resources to create high performing teams, to provide truly fulfilling work, and to help the people you lead be at their best both at home and work so that they can fulfill the purpose they were created for.

Build Relationships to Advance Your Mission and Impact.

Leadership can feel lonely, but we were not created to go it alone. Connect and build relationships with other purpose-driven leaders, so as iron sharpens iron, we can sharpen each other to make a greater impact in this world together.

Garry Ridge

“In my 25 years serving in my role as CEO of the WD40 Company, I’ve been to hundreds of leadership conferences across the world, and I’ve never experienced anything as special and impactful as The Purpose Summit.”

Brandon Knight

“As a participant in the last The PurposeSummit at Notre Dame, I can tell you that no words or pictures can adequately convey the “experience” of this event. So I will simply say - JUST GO!”

Heather Greenwood
Ashley Homestores

“The Purpose Summit reignited a flame within me to continue believing in and living out my purpose. From the speakers to the like-minded connections, I walked away feeling compelled to share my purpose and champion for others as they walk their own purpose journeys."

Tom Darrow
Talent Connections

“Every year I look forward to seeing everyone and meeting new friends at The Purpose Summit. I've attended about every HR-related conference known to man over the past 30 years and The Purpose Summit last year was THE BEST!”




The Purpose Leadership Award is presented to three organizations each year who are truly living out their purpose and investing in the growth of their people to help them become who they were created to be, both personally and professionally.